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Abeer Soofi: Farming is the noblest profession

Abeer Soofi from Mere Sai

India is known as a land of farmers all over the globe. Almost every state in the country produces different types of food-grains, fruits, and vegetables, thanks to our farmers who work tirelessly in the fields day and night.

The upcoming track of Sony Entertainment Television’s show ‘Mere Sai’ will be focusing on the trials and tribulations of a farmer, Pandhari. He is unable to repay a debt taken from Kulkarni, because of which he resorts to committing suicide with his family until Sai comes to his rescue.

While shooting for this track, Sai (Abeer Soofi) spoke fondly of his association with an agricultural operation in his native. Very few people know that before starting his acting career in Mumbai, Abeer, who hails from North India was actively involved in farming with his friend, overlooking the process of farming to generate a good yield of crops. He has deep respect for the farmer’s community as he believes farming is one of the noble professions and farmers are the backbone of any civilization.

Says Abeer, “India is a great country and it’s a fantastic thing that we are self-sufficient in providing food for all our citizens. All thanks to our hard-working farmers who work relentlessly at all time to provide us with food and vegetables. For a brief time, I was overlooking all the work happening in a friend’s field and I was stunned witnessing the amount of strenuous work involved – plowing, watering, seeding, harvesting, thatching etc. Right from the moment, the first seed is planted till the time it can be harvested, a farmer spends all his time in the field. It’s a huge responsibility and I respect them a lot. In the upcoming track of our show, a farmer is about to end his life as he is unable to repay a monetary loan and Sai saves him. It’s my heartfelt wish that all farmers in our country should be successful in their endeavors as they are the ones who feed us.”


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